Sempervivum Plant Identification Cheat Sheet


A delicately illustrated print featuring the leaves and names of lots of different species within the Sempervivum genus. This cheat sheet can be used to identify different Sempervivum or "Hens and Chicks", by checking the individual leaf drawing against the Latin plant name. The chart also features line drawings of the complete rosette, to help with identifying which species you have.

This illustration includes x14 Sempervivum for help to identify the Hens and Chick species you have or have seen. Each one is annotated with a number and the genus and species name is listed below.

This identification chart can be used to help determine a species you are unsure of or to aid you in adding to your Latin plant name knowledge. It looks great just as a piece of art in its own right too!

The perfect gift for a houseplant enthusiasts, botany students, budding gardeners and succulent fans!

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