About Talking of Plants

Talking of Plants was born out of a love to combine my two greatest passions – illustration and plants (after cats, of course). 

I’ve been running my own illustration business since 2013. Prior to that I worked in the fashion industry for four years (designing lingerie). When I left, I wanted to harness my passion for illustration and found a great marketplace for my niche within the wedding industry. I’m still taking the occasional commission there, but in light of the pandemic, enquiries for wedding illustrations reduced significantly in 2020 (they are picking up again now).

Up until the last few years, my burgeoning passion for plants had really been a hobby. My boyfriend and I have moved house a few times in the last twelve years and upon each move, the desire for more “plant space” – be it indoors or out, has grown ever-greater. In our current house in Suffolk, we were fortunate to inherit a small conservatory which over the six+ years we’ve lived here has become my sanctuary – both for myself and my plants!

In 2018 I took my passion for plants outside the realm of our own garden and enrolled as a part-time, trainee-gardener on a programme called the WRAGS scheme. This was an amazing opportunity to learn in a real-world environment, working directly under the guidance of a seasoned Head Gardener on a private estate in Norfolk. Alongside this, I spent my evenings studying remotely with the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, gaining (over two years) the Royal Horticultural Society Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Horticulture. Now, in 2021, I continue to garden one day a week for a customer in Suffolk – another opportunity to collect tons of inspiration for talking about plants.

Through an evolving series of blog posts and social media stories, I’m hoping to explore a wide range of plant-related topics, largely in tune to the everyday care I give to my own established collection. I also offer a range of illustrated gifts, designed to inspire you to care for a green friend of your own. I believe they are worth getting to know.

White framed illustration of an echeveria succulent in a white room with flowers

I design everything from my home in Suffolk – often from the haven of my conservatory or shed!

Everything is printed in the UK (some even in Suffolk) and I always use recyclable, eco-friendly packaging. I also pay close attention to keeping my carbon footprint low.

Follow me on Instagram and get in touch if you have any plant questions I may be able to help with.