Echeveria Plant Identification Cheat Sheet


An illustrated print detailing the leaves and names of different species within the Echeveria genus. This cheat sheet can be used to observe a number of different Echeveria or "Mexican Hens and Chicks", by matching the individual leaf drawing with the Latin plant name. The artwork also features line drawings of the complete plants, to help with identification.

This illustration includes x15 Echeveria to help you to identify the plant you have or have seen out and about. Each one is catalogued with a number and a corresponding genus and species name below.

Use this identification chart to determine a species you are unsure of or to help you to practice and learn some Latin plant names. It looks wonderful displayed as a piece of artwork in its own right and will brighten up any home.

The perfect gift for a succulent lover, budding botanists, horticultural student or houseplant collector.

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